Body Tricks by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD
    • Body Tricks by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD

    Body Tricks by Stephen Ablett video DOWNLOAD

    Body Tricks is a collection of 64 magical effects that can be performed using only the human body. From removing your own thumb to levitating off the ground, these tricks are the ultimate in impromptu magic. No props are needed, making them perfect for professional magicians, hypnotists, psychics, or anyone looking to entertain their friends. The book includes a wide range of tricks involving different body parts, such as the thumb, fingers, hand, arms, legs, nose, eyes, feet, and even the mind. Whether you're a seasoned performer or just starting out, there is something here for everyone.

    The book is divided into sections based on the body part involved in each trick.

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    Body Tricks is a collection of 64 magical effects using nothing but the human body.

    Learn to remove your own thumb, stretch your fingers, twist your hands and levitate of the ground. This is the ultimate in impromptu magic, tricks that can be performed instantly without the need of any searching for props.

    Whether you're a professional magician, hypnotist, psychic or just looking for some interesting stunts to amuse your friends, there is something here for everyone.

    Thumb Tricks
    Travelling Thumb
    Moving Thumb
    Stretching Thumb
    Restrained Thumb

    Tricks with your Fingers
    Extra Finger Production
    Finger Crack
    Finger Stretch
    Finger Test
    Andrew Mayne's Finger Through Cheek
    Finger Through Finger
    Finger Through Shirt
    Magnetic Fingers
    Miscommunication Fingers
    Missing Mid-Finger
    Ring Finger Bond
    Telescopic Pinkie
    Three Finger Monte
    Vanishing Pinkie Twisting Finger

    Tricks with your Hand
    Blue Vein Reading
    Fist Fight
    Hands Turn Up
    Hand Chopper
    Hand Snap Backwards
    Locked Hands Test
    Spectators Hand Twist
    Two Left Hands

    Tricks with the Arms and Legs
    Bloody Murder
    Forever Falling
    Legs Through Floor
    Growing Arm
    Shrinking Arm
    Not In-Sync
    Hercules Arm
    Rising Arms
    Idol Hands

    Tricks with the Nose
    Break Your Nose
    I've Got Your Nose
    Nose Twister

    Tricks with your Eyes
    Hole In Your Hand
    Bite In Your Hand
    Floating Sixth Finger
    Invisible Finger
    Shrinking Finger
    Spirit Taps
    Swallow An Eyeball
    Stuck Eyes

    Tricks with your Feet
    Tootsy Levitation
    Toe Levitation
    Stuck Foot
    Stand Up

    Tricks with your Mind
    Grey Elephants In Denmark
    Perfect Telephone Trick
    Thought Transmitter
    Think of a shape
    Think of a number
    Invisible Coin Trick
    Missing £10 Note
    Tricks with Other Body Parts
    Impromptu Head Twist
    Neck Breaker
    Thumb Through Ear