Brainstorm Volume 2 by John Guastaferro video DOWNLOAD
    • Brainstorm Volume 2 by John Guastaferro video DOWNLOAD

    Brainstorm Volume 2 by John Guastaferro video DOWNLOAD

    Brainstorm - The Creative Card Magic of John Guastaferro is a collection of John's best card tricks that showcase his unique blend of creativity, clever methods, and entertainment value. These effects can be performed without the need for tables or lengthy setups, making them accessible to any magician. The volume two of this series includes tricks like Party Animal, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Out of the Blue, Snowball Aces, Tailspin, Synergy, Bizarre Prequel, Jazz Fusion, and Gemini Prediction. Each trick is designed to captivate and amaze audiences, with carefully constructed methods and routines that will leave spectators in awe.

    Party Animal is a fun and entertaining Triumph routine where the spectator becomes the guest of honor at a party thrown by the cards.

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    brain storm n. A sudden clever plan or idea. v. To think of or produce a solution.

    Brainstorm - The Creative Card Magic of John Guastaferro, features some of John's finest card creations, highlighting a unique blend of creative presentations, diabolical methods and maximum entertainment value. Most of these effects can be done strolling, without the need for tables or lengthy set up, and are within the reach of the average magician. See for yourself how well this magic plays and discover the carefully-constructed methods and routining behind the effects, all designed to captivate and floor audiences.


    Party Animal - Your spectator is the guest of honor at an exclusive party the cards are throwing. Show your audience to a fun time in this thoroughly entertaining in-the-hands Triumph routine.

    Clairvoyance - Completely floor your audience with this elegant (and quite eerie) revelation of a thought-of card. Just like real mind reading.

    Intuition - In this small-packet Hofsinzer-inspired miracle, the four Queens use their women's intuition to reveal a spectator's card.

    Out of the Blue - Absolutely stunning! The four Aces and four Queens not only change places, but change back designs as well. "It is one of the strongest small packet transpositions I have ever seen," says Gordon Bean.

    Snowball Aces - In this mesmerizing routine, the ink simply melts away from both sides of the deck, then magically returns. It's so visual and deceptive, you'll swear it uses rough and smooth cards. (It doesn't).

    Tailspin - Using a four-of-a-kind of the spectator's choosing, you cause each of the cards to turn face-down, then transform...twice!

    Synergy - The cards work as a team in this flashy four-card revelation, where each card helps find the next.

    Bizarre Prequel - Just discovered the two-phase prequel to Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist, featuring a clean and clever approach to the Point of Departure plot.

    Jazz Fusion - A modern twist to the classic Jazz Aces plot. Here, the four Jacks vanish into a black hole, leaving behind a startling surprise.

    Gemini Prediction - This is a true showstopper, featuring an impossible prediction of four randomly-selected cards and an astonishing finale that no one could have predicted!

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