Breezy Project Volume 2 by Jibrizy - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Breezy Project Volume 2 by Jibrizy - Video DOWNLOAD

    Breezy Project Volume 2 by Jibrizy - Video DOWNLOAD

    These close and interactive magic effects have been carefully crafted over several years. They are designed to surprise and captivate spectators by breaking down expectations and executing them with speed and precision. The effects require a seamless combination of body-flow and timing, making them nearly impossible to trace.The first effect, "Phone be gone," involves crushing a phone while it is still in its case and then miraculously pulling a rubber band out of it. The spectator's phone can even be incorporated into the trick under certain conditions.The second effect, "Billy," begins with a spectator signing their bill. The bill is then placed into a deck box, and the spectator selects a card.
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    These are very close and interactive magic effects, that I have put together over a few years.

    Why these effects work:
    They are broken down in a fashion in which the spectator will not be expecting anything.
    The effects are executed fast, and hard requiring body-flow and timing... thus they become almost impossible to be traced.

    3 Effects:
    Phone be gone: Take a phone and crush it while its in its case. Then pull a rubber band out and pull it out of the rubber band. (Spectators phone is optional under certain conditions)

    Billy: A spectator signs their bill. You then place it into the deck box and have the spectator select a card. The bill then vanishes from the box wrapped around the selected card. It then vanishes off the card to your pocket. (Can be done in the spectators hand as a option)

    Quick Clip: Take a regular ring and paper clip. Toss the paper clip up to the ring and have them link instantly.