Canamla by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD
    • Canamla by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

    Canamla by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

    Canamla by Matt Pilcher is a fantastic prediction-based card effect! You start by placing a prediction on the table

    Your audience then shuffles the deck before cutting the cards and taking the one they cut to

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    Canamla is a prediction-based card effect that has been put together wonderfully, by magic creator Matt Pilcher.

    At the beginning of this effect, you place a prediction on the table. Your spectator shuffles the deck. They then cut the deck and take the card they cut to -- it's a perfect match with your prediction! It doesn't get much fairer, and NO it's not a breather crimp, and there are no short cards in the deck, and your prediction is never switched out.

    You'll love the method!

    Download now and start learning right away.
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