Cardistry Project: [YTF] by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD
    • Cardistry Project: [YTF] by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Cardistry Project: [YTF] by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Introducing the original cardistry movement called "YTF" as part of the Cardistry Project series. This 3rd installment by SaysevenT features 6 unique movements like PECTA and ION.09, with an intermediate skill level recommended. The 15-minute video tutorial offers easy-to-follow instructions for mastering these impressive cardistry techniques.

    Join the Cardistry Project community and enhance your cardistry skills with YTF. Download the video now and start learning these mesmerizing movements to impress your friends and elevate your cardistry game. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your cardistry skills to the next level with YTF!

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    Cardistry Project: [YTF] by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Hello everyone,

    Let me introduce my original movement of cardistry that called "YTF".

    This is 3rd series from "Cardistry Project".

    The list of Cardistry Project start launch from:

    - Cardistry Project: LINK by SaysevenT
    - Cardistry Project: Roaming by SaysevenT
    - Cardistry Project: YTF by SaysevenT

    Feature and requirement:

    1. 6 Movements:
    • PECTA
    • ION.09
    • COKRAM
    • W4
    • FORZ G1Z
    • PANJI
    2. Intermediate skill requirement (recommended).

    3. 15 minute explanation.

    4. EASY to follow instructions.

    Download the video and learn now!

    Idioma: Inglés

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