CCDP by Spencer Tricks - Video DOWNLOAD
    • CCDP by Spencer Tricks - Video DOWNLOAD

    CCDP by Spencer Tricks - Video DOWNLOAD

    SpencerTricks is back with a new magic trick called C.C.D.P. This trick is not just about impressing spectators, it goes beyond that. C.C.D.P. can be performed in close-up shows, parlor settings, and even on stage. It is incredibly easy to set up, taking only 1 second, and can be done stress-free. In fact, the trick can be set up anywhere, even in a cafe while writing a letter.What sets C.C.D.P. apart is that it doesn't select performers, meaning anyone can do it. It follows the spectators' idea of magic but still surprises them. The trick consists of three phases that happen in seconds. It starts with freaking out the spectators, then brings relief and laughter, and finally ends with a big laugh.
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    SpencerTricks is BACK!

    This is NOT an explanation of magic tricks. I explain no tricks that impresses your spectators.
    This is MORE THAN THAT.

    C.C.D.P. can be used not only on close-up show, but also on parlor and even on stage! You can get ready in 1 second. You can set it up all day with NO STRESS. I set it up even NOW that I'm writing this letter in a cafe.

    C.C.D.P. is one of the really rare effects that doesn't select performers. It follows the spectators' image of "MAGIC" and yet is not be expected.

    Spectators are freaked out (sometimes scream) on the first phase, then laugh by being relieved on the second phase, then laugh out loud on the third phase. All 3 phases happened in seconds. It shakes their EMOTIONS and end up with BIG LAUGH, the range between emotions makes spectators being so relaxed. Then they go naturally into their atmosphere of "Alright, I'm gonna enjoy the show."

    The MOST incredible factor on this effect is that it can solve certain problem that many magicians often encounter on their daily performances.

    Honestly, my first motivation to create this effect is to solve these issues. Now I can make the moment of "THE ISSUE" into the PEAK of the show. Yes, this 5 second gag often creates the bigger moment than you create by performing the great magic tricks.

    If you perform in a party or restaurant, the effect draw the attentions of other people since your spectators suddenly SCREAM & LAUGH OUT LOUD in 5 seconds. For other people smile emoticon your potential customers) think there's something extra ordinaly going on at your spot.

    C.C.D.P. entertains all the people, regardless of their age, sex and nationalities. It's FULLY TESTED.

    C.C.D.P. is the ULTIMATE device because of its "Practicality" and "Stress Free Concept". If you once use it, you will understand the POWER of the effect immediately.

    The video is in Japanese & English. Each language section is approximately 40 minutes.

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