Change Assorts by Yuji Enei video DOWNLOAD
    • Change Assorts by Yuji Enei video DOWNLOAD

    Change Assorts by Yuji Enei video DOWNLOAD

    This video download is packed with incredible, visual effects! From Extreme Change, a super visual trick designed for social media use, to Color Absorption, where you can change the color at your fingertips, to Chaos Coin, where the coin changes six times, to Puzzle Change, where you can make someone's favorite letter appear, to Eaten Corner, where a ripped card changes to another, to Blue Wave, where you can twist cards with this gimmick, to Middle Change, a practical card change, to Necklace Sandwich, where a signed card penetrates a necklace inside your pocket, to 2 Variations of the Col...
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    This video download teaches you many incredible, visual effects!

    These include:

    Extreme Change
    This super visual trick is designed for social media use. It's fun to do and the gimmick is very unique.

    Color Absorption
    You can change the color at your fingertips. If you want to be amazed, you have to check this out.

    Chaos Coin
    The coin changes six times.

    Puzzle Change
    It's up to your imagination. You can also make someone's favorite letter appear.

    Eaten Corner
    The ripped card changes to another.

    Blue Wave
    Very visual change. You can also do twisting cards with this gimmick.

    Middle Change
    Very practical change. The card you see with a hole in the middle changes to another without touching the hole.

    Necklace Sandwich
    Yuji Enei always uses this trick when he performs at an event. The sandwiched signed card penetrates a necklace inside your pocket.


    2 Variations of the Collectors Plot

    This is also the trick that Yuji Enei often uses in his show.

    Different Method Change
    A different method for changes.

    Oil and Party
    Oil and Water effect which ends with an unbelievable climax.

    Card in Shoe
    The ink appears on the card in a shoe. You can control the timing of the ink's appearance. It's very practical and fun!

    Download the video and learn these awesome effects!

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