CIG by Simon - Video DOWNLOAD
    • CIG by Simon - Video DOWNLOAD

    CIG by Simon - Video DOWNLOAD

    This routine is perfect for working magicians looking to impress their audience. It involves a simple yet visually stunning finish that will leave spectators amazed. The routine begins with a card being selected and signed by a spectator. The signed card is then placed under a glass for safekeeping. Next, a blank card with a signature is shown to the audience. This card is folded and magically penetrates the entire deck of cards, ending up inside the glass. Remarkably, when the card is unfolded, it appears to be the spectator's card with their signature still intact. The effect is truly mind-blowing and will surely leave a lasting impression on any audience.

    To perform this routine, some gimmicks need to be made.

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    A great routine for the working magician. The routine is straight forward and the finish is very visual!

    The routine
    A card is selected from a deck of playing cards. This card is signed by a spectator and then placed underneath a glass. Now a blank card with a signature is shown. This card is folded and then it visually penetrates the entire deck of cards and ends up inside the glass. The signature of the card is still there, but when it is unfolded, the card appears to be the spectators, with there signature!

    This effect requires some gimmicks to be made. The tutorial video explains in detail how to easily create these gimmicks with common household items.

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