Cigarette Fantasy by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD
    • Cigarette Fantasy by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

    Cigarette Fantasy by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

    Damien The Illusionist has devised an awe-inspiring trick "Cigarette Fantasy" that will leave your audience speechless.

    This trick takes the concept of vanishing a lit cigarette to the next level.

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    Cigarette Fantasy by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD

    Cigarette Fantasy is a unique and magical trick created by Damien The Illusionist. This creation demonstrates how to vanish a lit cigarette and has never been performed by anyone other than Damien.

    In this tutorial, Damien will teach you how to vanish a lit cigarette. It can also be performed without lighting the cigarette. Either way you choose to perform it, the sleight of hand is clean, smooth and mystifying. It can be performed on stage or close-up and will surely leave your audience wondering, "How did he do that!"

    The tutorial also explains the gimmick that is used to perform Cigarette Fantasy and demonstrates how it is made. It is inexpensive to make and is the key to the vanish. This illusion can be performed by any one with good sleight of hand and is willing to practice to make the mystery of magic become part of it.

    Damien will explain the "behind the scenes" techniques and, with practice, the illusion will become seamless.

    The misdirection that is explained creates the perfect illusion that will keep your audience burning for more.

    Download the video and learn!

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