Classic Card Magic I by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Classic Card Magic I by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    Classic Card Magic I by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    This eBook is the perfect way to learn classic card magic! It's the first in a series of eBooks featuring the author's own versions of the classics - simple, straight-forward plots that cover the gamut of card magic

    Nothing is changed from the bare essence of the effects or plots, so you can be sure you're getting the real deal

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    This eBook is the very first of a series of eBooks to come, presenting my own versions of the classics of card magic. These simple, straight-forward plots will cover the gamut of card magic in this series of upcoming Classic Card Magic eBooks.

    Please keep up with this Classic Card Magic series and you will have a very strong base for your card magic performances, and a very nice array of magic effects... not just a "pick-a-card-find-a-card" type of theme.

    I have brought some of the plots and patter, up to date... but IN NO WAY have I changed the bare essence of the effects or plots.

    Every magician who wishes to perform and entertain with a deck of cards MUST KNOW THE CLASSICS OF CARD MAGIC. It is THAT simple!

    If you don't know the classics... you will be floundering like a fish out of water - and the spectators will know it.

    There are some who will say, "Oh, I don't use cards in my magic!" and that is a sad thing. There are many easy-to-do cards tricks that will make you look GREAT!

    Cards provide an almost infinite number of ideas for relatable magic, provide new patter ideas that will thrill spectators, and provide an "alternate universe" of scenarios and situations that will captivate your audience.

    I, myself, can rarely go to any gathering, party, bar, family function, etc. without someone saying, "Hey, Paul, do a trick!" and will then hand me a deck of cards... because when you do magic with THEIR cards, the outcomes are even more amazing! That's the way people think - and prepare for in advance!

    Please continue following this series of Classic Card Magic eBooks and I am SURE you'll find a wonderful array of very doable card effects, with excellent patter, that will thrill your audience... and have them "look" at you in a brand new way... it WILL happen!

    CONTENTS of this eBook

    - Paul's "take" on a timeless classic plot that will put you even farther ahead of the spectators!

    2) ACAAN the Warrior - The "Any Card At Any Number" effect is truly mind-boggling! Put THIS beautiful plot into your repertoire and make your spectator the hero!

    3) 6 CARD REPEAT - This trick is not only excellent for close-up, but for cabaret or even stage! It has hilarious patter and will endear everyone! The magician is as "amazed" at the outcome as the spectators are!

    4) THE HOMING CARD - Another wonderful classic of magic that has been brought up to date by the late, great Fred Kaps! My version is not only easy to do, but is filled with comedy as the performer AND the audience are completely bewildered by the impossible outcome! Perform this from close-up to stage! DO NOT PASS THIS ONE UP!!


    - This ingenious ESP routine, by Harry Lorayne, will have your spectators look at you as if you are possessed! Your spectators will have absolutely NO IDEA how this effect is possible! AND... it is easy to do! The best part is... it is performed in the SPECTATOR'S HANDS!

    Download this eBook and learn great magic!