Clear Perception by Scott Creasey eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Clear Perception by Scott Creasey eBook DOWNLOAD

    Clear Perception by Scott Creasey eBook DOWNLOAD

    The clear force bag is a valuable tool for mentalists, and it comes in various styles and sizes. Some are cheap and tacky, while others are complex and expensive. In this guide, Scott reveals how to easily and affordably create your own clear Zip Lock force bags using basic tools found at home. These bags have been sold at Scott's lectures for over a decade. The guide includes 34 pages of step-by-step instructions with photographs, as well as eight routines that Scott personally uses in his performances. These routines can be performed on a platform or up close and utilize one or two of the force bags. This is the first time these effects have been released in print. The guide is available in PDF format and contains a total of 33 pages.
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    The clear force bag has been around for a long time and should be part of any mentalist's arsenal. They come in many shapes and sizes and range in style from the cheap and tacky to the over complex and expensive.

    For the first time Scott explains how with basic tools you have at home, you can in about fifteen minutes, easily and cheaply manufacture the clear Zip Lock force bags he has been selling at his lectures for over ten years.

    Also included in these 34 pages of photographic instructions are eight full routines suitable for platform or close up and taken from Scott's own working repertoire, effects that utilise either one or two of these bags and which haven't been released in print before now.

    • Manufacturing the force bags
    • Collective Unconscious
    • Numbers "R" Us
    • Zippy's Zip lock
    • Predicting the Past
    • Traffic Lights Revisited (Again)
    • Lottery Madness
    • In the News
    • Musical Interlude
    • Conclusion
    Pages: 33 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT
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