Clipnotize by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD
    • Clipnotize by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

    Clipnotize by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

    This 40 minute instructional video teaches you three great card tricks that incorporate a standard paperclip

    Take your pick: Clip Fishing, Clip Sandwich, or Clip Monte

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    Three great card routines that incorporate the use of a standard paperclip. This 40 minute multi-angle instructional video will teach you the following magic:

    Clip Fishing: A selected card is lost until a spectator finds it by using a paperclip to fish into the deck.

    Clip Sandwich: A 3 phase routine where a selected card appears between 2 Jokers that are clipped together.

    Clip Monte: A classic 3 phase Monte routine that uses the paperclip as both a convincer and a method of deception.

    Great as standalone performances or add-ons to your other card routines.

    Download the video and begin learning!

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