Close Up Journey III by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Close Up Journey III by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    Close Up Journey III by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    This eBook has 8 great magic tricks for any close-up performer! There's the clever I Don't Know How It Happens, Twisting the Jacks, Ewww

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    Tantalizing effects, with an introduction containing ideas, lines, and concepts for the close-up performer to utilize!

    I Don't Know How It Happens - A very clever Steve Beam effect!

    Twisting the Jacks - Another of Paul's favorites to perform! Vernon, Jennings, and Paul's ideas are combined together into a beautiful Twisting routine, resulting in one beautiful piece of theater!

    Ewww... Boogers! - Want to use that invisible thread for a fantastic routine with which you'll NEVER "get caught"?! THIS IS IT! This will be your MOST MEMORABLE EFFECT!

    Oral Production - A KILLER routine, easy to do, and one they will talk about... forever!

    Your Lucky Card - Fantastic Carsaro effect!

    Salt Shaker Classic - You know this classic... but with a phase by Paul that will COMPLETELY baffle the "retrograde analysts!"

    Gestault - Another fun routine that is TOTALLY baffling! NO ONE will will figure this out! Learn a very clever ploy by Paul, and a sequence of sleights that you can use for many other tricks! TERRIFIC EFFECT!

    BONUS! The Mathematical Card Trick - A self-working effect by Doc Daley that was a favorite trick to perform by John Scarne!

    Download the eBook and start performing these stunners!