Close Up Magic No. 2 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
    • Close Up Magic No. 2 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    Close Up Magic No. 2 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    Magicians who specialize in close-up magic often struggle to find material that doesn't involve playing cards. The majority of magic tricks published in the past few decades have focused on card magic, making quality non-card material quite rare. However, this video offers a refreshing change by showcasing eight different performers who present and teach powerful close-up routines without using playing cards.

    The video features renowned magicians such as Eugene Burger, David Parr, Banachek, J. J. Sanvert, Gregory Wilson, Paul Wilson, Doc Eason, and Daryl. Each performer brings their unique style and expertise to the table, offering mind-boggling tricks that will leave any audience in awe.

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    Magicians who specialize in close-up magic are constantly in search of material that doesn't use playing cards. Easily seventy-five percent of the magic that's been published over the last 50 or 60 years has been card magic of one kind or another so quality non-card material is a relatively scarce commodity in the literature.

    On this video, you'll meet eight different performers presenting and teaching powerful close-up routines that will wow any audience - and there's not a playing card in sight! Eugene Burger and David Parr begin this volume with a stunning update of U. F. Grant's classic bill transposition. Banachek is next with a sensational book test while J. J. Sanvert combines two effects to create a wonderful interlude with a spectator's borrowed bill. Gregory Wilson follows with a mind-boggling bill switch routine that takes the audience on a figurative trip around the world while Paul Wilson performs and teaches a streamlined version of John Ramsay's classic Cylinder and Coins. Finally, Daryl demonstrates a totally impromptu one-cup routine that can be performed any time and any place.

    It's been said that even the world's largest and most spectacular stage illusion cannot create the impact - that feeling of pure astonishment - of a good, well-performed piece of close-up magic. You'll find eight compelling pieces of evidence to that effect.
    • The 21st Century Bill Transposition - Eugene Burger and David Parr
    • Word of the Ring - Banachek
    • Bill and Pen - J. J. Sanvert
    • Foreign Affair - Gregory Wilson
    • The Mystery of the Little Piece of Cork - Paul Wilson
    • All Screwed Up - Doc Eason
    • Cup and Ball - Daryl

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