• CLOSE-UP UTOPIA by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    CLOSE-UP UTOPIA by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    Paul presents seven powerful effects, which are explained in detail with step-by-step photographs

    These are professional routines that are easy to do and come with patter, and most of them are totally impromptu

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    Paul presents seven powerful effects, explained in full, with many step-by-step photographs. These are powerful, yet easy-to-do, professional routines - complete with patter - and most of these effects are completely impromptu.

    ALL SEVEN EFFECTS ARE NON-CARD EFFECTS, with two of the effects being Michael Skinner favorites!

    The INTRODUCTION is a six-page treatise on performance, spectator management, various forms of misdirection, and the successful executions of some very important, yet troublesome sleights. Also learn how to passively and actively control your spectators. This is very important information! Included in the Introduction are 7 hilarious gag lines/jokes that you can use in any of your routines!

    Included effects:

    IMPROMPTU MENTAL EPIC: DO NOT take this effect lightly! It is a powerful, unnerving, ESP effect that uses only your business cards or just three playing cards. It is very easy to do and it is the ONLY "Mental Epic" effect that is TOTALLY IMPROMPTU!

    TORN & RESTORED STRAW WRAPPER: Michael Skinner's version of a Nate Leipzig routine... but with straw wrappers. This routine (with part of Leipzig's patter) is performed so openly that IT DOES NOT SEEM POSSIBLE. Paul adds some touches that make this effect easier to "get into", and you end totally clean.

    THE PHANTOM BILL: This impromptu effect is UNBELIEVABLE - A solid-thru-solid effect with two borrowed bills. There are two phases in this routine that use NO COVER, whatsoever! One bill OPENLY passes right thru the other! Everything can be examined. This effect looks like trick photography and there are no "fishy-looking" moves!

    PRESTO CHANGO AGAINO: This T. Bearden effect was a favorite of Mike Skinner. A copper and silver coin change back and forth from silver to copper in an INCREDIBLE WAY! The patter is very engaging and makes this effect so much fun! The coins can be handed out for inspection - and you're clean. This is Paul's personal version that makes this routine a real breeze - and best of all - it's EASY TO DO!

    RESEALED CELLOPHANE: Use an anti-smoking/smuggling campaign to make this effect very popular to any audience. The bottom of a new pack of smokes is opened up and then magically resealed! Let the spectators examine it to their heart's content. This method is very, very clever and very, very easy to do!

    CUT & RESTORED STRING: This is a very easy, yet very deceptive method of performing this effect and is a great "lead-in" for a more elaborate rope routine. Show a string, cut it in half and restore it. No knots or other tell-tale signs! Hand it out - completely deceptive!

    HOT ROD: This section not only includes a great Hot Rod routine for the kiddies, but also includes many "eye-candy moves" for the Hot Rod, Color-Changing Knives, Jumping Gems and ANY other paddle tricks that you choose to use.

    Included is a move that I learned from my dear friend, the late Melvin Burkhart, (the anatomical wonder who was the first person to drive a 9" spike up his nose!) many years ago. This move is not only easy to do...but is the most convincing display I've EVER seen.

    Thanks Melvin! PLUS...ideas by the masters, Windy & Sunny! You will have a great time with these seven routines and you'll be thrilled with the ease of execution of all seven effects!... AND NO CARD TRICKS!

    Download this eBook and start learning!