Coins by Roy Volume 1 eBook and video by Roy Eidem Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • Coins by Roy Volume 1 eBook and video by Roy Eidem Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • Coins by Roy Volume 1 eBook and video by Roy Eidem Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    Coins by Roy Volume 1 eBook and video by Roy Eidem Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    Roy Eidem is an accomplished sleight-of-hand master and coin manipulator

    His coin work is more than just sleight of hand

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    You will learn:
    • Multiple Productions of Coins from a Coin Purse Frame (An Elegant Miser's Dream)
    • The Twisted Finger Palm, One-half Jumping Shuttle Pass The Reverse Shuttle Pass Drop (RSPD), Vanish of Multiple Coins into a Coin Purse Frame
    • Two methods- Flash Production of Coins out of a Purse Frame, Modified Goshman Coin Pass
    • Click Pass - A Subtle Variation "The 360 Cloak"
    • Flying Han Ping Chien & One Ahead Retention of Vision Vanish with a Jumbo Coin, Bare-Handed Multiple Coin Vanish, Bare-Handed Multiple Coin Production
    • A Mini-Miser's Dream- Ballet 101
    • Concealing Hand Wash, Concealing Hand Wash with Multiple Coins Rotation Coin Production, "OK" Fingertip Coin Production
    Highly recommended reviews by both The Linking Ring & MUM.

    This Coin Magic was instrumental in Roy's invitation and multiple performances at the "by invitation only" FFFF Convention.

    This Coin Magic was the foundation of Roy's 2017 Combined IBM/SAM Close-Up Competition Act, performed before over 1,000 magicians.

    "Did you bring your coins?"
    - John Calvert

    "People are going to love to see these routines performed. Great moves... great coin magic. You did a great job, Roy!"
    - Al Cohen -"Al's Magic"

    Master Coin Manipulator and Sleight of hand artist, Roy Eidem, is without any doubt one of the top coin workers within the arcane arts. Roy's coin work is more than just sleight of hand - and his thinking goes way beyond the use of traditional methods. His psychology, employed with his flawless coin work, creates the appearance of real magic. This gentleman makes his work look totally effortless, with a touch of graceful moves. His strongest tool that he uses with his spectators is his charm and gentlemanly approach, placing his audience in a state of awe. Mr. Eidem has been a coin worker for many years, and I have been doing magic now for 44 years.

    "I just can't catch this guy. Never did, never will. Take a journey with Coins Volume One, and I promise that with work and practice, you too can become a very strong coin worker."
    - Jerry Foster - "The Demented Magician."

    "In a market full of garbage, here is a collection of audience tested, workable routines from a magician with decades of experience. Very worthwhile stuff..."
    - Eric Jones

    "You are a marvelous coin magician."
    - Woody Landers

    "I have studied with and knew Bobo, and Roy's coin magic reminds me of Bobo."
    - Mauny Muray

    "...You won't find any 'use your favorite method' cop outs as Roy meticulously details his signature multiphase coin escapade... Roy delivers the how and why of each sleight and subtlety to coach conjurers through his stunning sterling odyssey..."
    - Keith Pass

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