Comedy for Magicians by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Comedy for Magicians by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Comedy for Magicians by Jonathan Royle - eBook DOWNLOAD

    This text is a publication written by Jonathan Royle, an experienced comedy entertainer with over three decades of experience. It offers valuable insights and techniques for adding humor to presentations, lectures, and various types of shows, such as magical, hypnotic, or psychic style performances. The publication teaches readers how to become an alternative or mainstream comedian, providing a complete audience-tested 30-minute comedy routine using Royle's innovative "5 Card Repeat" magic effect. It also covers topics like dealing with hecklers, handling unexpected situations, and delivering jokes effectively to maximize audience impact and laughter.

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    Written by Jonathan Royle an established Comedy Entertainer of well over three decades, you will find that whether you just want to add a little humour to your presentations or lectures, or your Magical, Hypnotic or Psychic Style shows, then this publication is the one for you.

    Within this hilarious text, you are taught how to become an alternative or mainstream comedian!

    As a bonus, this also includes a complete audience tested 30 minute comedy routine using Royle's new method of the "5 Card Repeat" magic effect.

    You'll learn how to deal with Hecklers, unexpected situations and how to deliver jokes in such a manner that they make the maximum possible impact on your audience and as such get you the biggest number of laughs!

    Condensed within these pages are the Secrets and Short Cuts to Comedy Success that Royle learnt the hard way by performing in the real world for real audiences which along the way has seen him Performing alongside such British Comedy Greats as Lee Evans & Jimmy Cricket.

    Whilst there is more than enough information within the pages of this manual to enable the reader to get started in a career as a Comedian, we would recommend that anyone who ever intends to do any form of public performance, show and/or lecture gets this manual as the contents will help you improve your presentation tenfold!

    Pages: 44 - 8.5" x 11" - PDF FORMAT

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