Creative Magic Of Pavel - Volume 3 video DOWNLOAD
    • Creative Magic Of Pavel - Volume 3 video DOWNLOAD

    Creative Magic Of Pavel - Volume 3 video DOWNLOAD

    For decades, Pavel has been known as a pioneer in the world of magic, captivating audiences with his innovative tricks and inventions. He has amazed both lay audiences and fellow magicians with his magical secrets, showcased in thousands of lectures around the globe. Pavel's magic has taken him to prestigious venues and even to the legendary Ed Sullivan show. Now, he is sharing his award-winning magic and ingenious thinking with you. In Volume Three of his series, Pavel explores the realm of mentalism, showcasing tricks that are unique and mesmerizing. His clever use of colorful props will leave even the most experienced magicians in awe.
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    For decades the name Pavel has been synonymous with some of the most innovative magic ever invented. Pavel has mystified and entertained lay audiences the world over with his inspired magical inventions while at the same time, delighting and exciting magicians at his thousands of lectures all around the globe with the diabolical secrets of his magic. Pavel's magic has taken him around the world, from the most prestigious venues to the set of TV's legendary Ed Sullivan show...and now he's sharing his award-winning magic, and the ingenious thinking that makes it all work, with you!

    Volume Three - Mental Special Although Pavel was not born a mentalist, his creations in this field are captivating. This volume contains tricks a kind not found on any other, Pavel's use of colorful props in such cunning ways leave even the experts dumbfounded.
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