Dan Harlan Premium Blend 4 video DOWNLOAD
    • Dan Harlan Premium Blend 4 video DOWNLOAD

    Dan Harlan Premium Blend 4 video DOWNLOAD

    From the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, Dan Harlan presents his collection of high-quality close-up magic called "Premium Blend." This selection showcases the best routines from his extensive expertise in the field. Whether you prefer powerful presentations or authentic sleight-of-hand, there is a flavor of magic that will captivate you. Volume Four of this collection, titled "Food Fun," features tricks such as restoring a pack of gum, predicting a tip amount, and making cream and sugar appear in a cup of coffee. Other tricks include vanishing and restoring a signed selected card inside a fortune cookie and a surprise involving a borrowed dollar and a container of nuts.
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    Brand-New Innovative Magic Brewed by One of Our Best...

    From the highest fertile grounds of the Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe, California comes one of America's most prized collections of high-quality close-up magic. Dan Harlan's Premium Blend performances have been hand-selected from only the finest routines in his vast field of expertise. Whether you crave the luscious simplicity of powerful presentations or the deep dark smoothness of authentic sleight-of-hand, you're sure to find a flavor you cannot live without.

    Volume Four - Food Fun

    • ONE OF THESE DAYS -- Sawing a pack of gum in half and restoring the sticks back to their undamaged condition.
    • CREDIT CARD FRAUD -- The magician makes the spectator's credit card numbers appear on the magician's credit card, then he makes his numbers appear on their card.
    • $10.89 -- A great quicky where the meal server somehow predicts the exact tip.
    • QUICK CREAM -- The magician causes a small plastic creamer and a package of sugar to vanish using a spoon as a magic wand. When he stirs his coffee, the cream and sugar appear in it.
    • CARD FORTUNE -- A signed selected card vanishes from a deck and appears inside a signed selected fortune cookie, then the signed cookie is restored.
    • BIRTHDAY SURPRISE -- A drawing of a birthday cake is signed by the person having a birthday and the drawing changes when they blow out the candle.
    • SPREAD 'EM -- The few remaining matches in a matchbook are made to move while remaining attached.
    • NUTS? -- A borrowed dollar changes places with some nuts, but a surprise awaits the person who opens the container. A new use for the old snake nut can.
    • MOON-COOKIE -- Impromptu eaten-and-restored cream filling in an Oreo cookie, complete with a script that makes it make sense.

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