Darwin Ortiz - Nothing But The Best V1 by L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD
    • Darwin Ortiz - Nothing But The Best V1 by L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD

    Darwin Ortiz - Nothing But The Best V1 by L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD

    Darwin Ortiz is a highly skilled magician, consultant, and performer known for his expertise in sleight-of-hand and knowledge of gambling scams. He has consulted for casinos around the world and has written acclaimed books on card magic and magic theory. Darwin has performed for prestigious clients and events, including Fortune 500 companies and presidential inaugurations. In this video series, Darwin showcases his incredible repertoire of magic tricks and teaches viewers how to perform them. He also shares his insights on magic and its performance. The first volume of the series features impressive routines such as The Vegas Shuffle, The Psychotronic Card, Four To One, The Unholy Three, Museum Piece, Test Your Luck, and Best Of The Best.
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    Darwin Ortiz is a rare combination of technician, creator, thinker, and performer. Darwin's sleight-of-hand skills, combined with his knowledge of gambling scams, have led to his consulting for gambling casinos in a dozen countries. His books on card magic are considered modern classics as are Strong Magic and Designing Miracles, his two best-selling books on magic theory. As a performer, Darwin has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies, colleges and universities throughout the country, in addition to both the Bush and Obama inaugurals. He has also appeared on numerous television shows and even on stage in a two-man show with David Roth.

    In this landmark video series, Darwin performs the most stunning effects from his legendary repertoire - all newly shot in stunning digital clarity - for a very enthusiastic audience. You'll first see Darwin perform a complete show (a lesson in itself on how to routine card magic to create an immersive and entertaining experience!) Then, after the show is over and the audience has gone home, Darwin teaches his diabolical methods in meticulous detail so that you can add these amazing effects to your own repertoire. What's more, you'll also be treated to some of Darwin's theories on magic and its performance - sage words from one of its most thoughtful practitioners.

    Darwin Ortiz had a very simple goal with this video set, one you'll most certainly agree that he's achieved - nothing but the best!

    Volume 1

    The Vegas Shuffle -
    A progressively more impossible, three-phase gambling routine that even non-card players will enjoy.

    The Psychotronic Card - First you perform one of the most astonishing and convincing vanishes ever of a selected card. Then the card is found in the spectator's own hands!

    Four To One - One card becomes four; four cards become one. One of the strongest transpositions in card magic, and it happens under the spectator's hand!

    The Unholy Three - It starts as an amazing three-card location and it ends with one of the most powerful surprise kickers in card magic.

    Museum Piece - A true work of art-magically, aesthetically, and presentationally.

    Test Your Luck - An impossible coincidence, and the spectator does it all.

    Best Of The Best (performance only) - A tour-de-force demonstration of incredible gambling skills, both physical and mental.

    Theory - One of magic's greatest thinkers offers his insights on three of the most important subjects in magic: The Magical Experience, The Audience is Not the Enemy, and Meaning.

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