Dave Deck by Greg Chipman - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Dave Deck by Greg Chipman - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Dave Deck by Greg Chipman - eBook DOWNLOAD

    A magician performs a card trick where a spectator is asked to think of any card in a deck. The magician writes a prediction on a business card and gives it to the spectator. When the spectator reveals their chosen card, the magician's prediction says "DAVE," causing confusion and laughter. To make up for the mistake, the magician finds the selected card and shows that it is the only one with the name DAVE on it. This trick can be performed with any named card and has a high success rate. It requires no special preparation and can be reset instantly. The trick also provides an opportunity to hand out business cards or give the selected card as a souvenir.

    This trick is available as a PDF download and does not require a video.

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    The spectator is given a deck of cards to hold or place on the table. They are then invited to think of ANY card in the deck. The magician takes out a business card and writes the name of a card on its reverse, which is then given to the spectator or put in view of all. The spectator now reveals what card they were thinking of; let's say the six of diamonds. The magician, with a confused look, then invites the spectator to read his prediction, to which they read "DAVE" on the back of the business card. The magician then says he thought the spectator was going to give their card a name, rather jokingly, such as John, Barry or even Dave, not the actual name of a card (6 diamonds). The confused spectator thinks the effect has gone wrong, but this usually gets a laugh especially when performed to larger groups. The magician then says he will perform an effect with the card they said (6 of diamonds) to make up for the mistake. The magician takes the deck the spectator has either been holding throughout or has been on the table from the start and finds the selected card (6 of diamonds) and places it on the table. All the other cards in the deck are then shown to be normal, and the spectator's selection is the only card that bears the name DAVE either on the face or the reverse of the card.
    This effect is possible with any card named
    No rough or smooth
    No fishing
    Instant reset
    100% success rate, works every time
    Any deck design can be used/prepared in a matter of minutes
    Gives a reason to hand out business cards
    The card can even be given out as a souvenir if you're closing your routine with this effect.
    Once a Dave deck is created, it will last as long as the deck lasts through general wear and tear. The deck also only takes a few minutes to set up, so multiple decks with different names could be made.

    This is a PDF download NOT a video

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