David Regal- 1 video DOWNLOAD
    • David Regal- 1 video DOWNLOAD

    David Regal- 1 video DOWNLOAD

    David Regal, a writer for popular television shows, is also a skilled magician. In these three new downloads, he performs and teaches impressive magic tricks from his Magic Castle act and bestselling books. The 36 close-up tricks taught are capable of fooling experienced magicians while still being entertaining for laypeople. David's unique methodology makes most of the effects surprisingly easy to perform. You'll be entertained and amazed as you watch him perform, and then he'll reveal the clever workings behind each trick. These downloads offer a chance to experience the star-quality magic of David Regal up close and personal.
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    David Regal, when he isn't writing for television shows like Rugrats and Everybody Loves Raymond, creates diabolical magic. And, on these three new downloads David performs and then teaches killer effects from his Magic Castle act as well as the bestselling books Close-Up & Personal, Star Quality and the forthcoming Constant Fooling. The 36 close-up items taught on these three downloads are capable of fooling well-posted magicians, yet are exceedingly entertaining to laypeople. What's more, because of David's singular and sometimes unusual methodology, almost all of the effects are surprisingly easy to perform. First, you'll be entertained and fooled along with the studio audience and then delighted as David takes you behind the scenes and shows you the extremely clever workings of his magic. More amazing than an Elvis sighting, these three new downloads are your chance to get really close-up and personal with the star-quality magic of David Regal.

    Volume One - Tricks
    • The Déjà Vu Deck
    • Everywhere
    • Cheating
    • Clearly Impossible
    • Pasteboard Massacre
    • There & Back
    • Self-Evident
    • Perchance to Dream
    • The Half Deal
    • Sending It Through
    • All Strung Out
    • Deep Guilt Aces

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