Dnavmo by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD
    • Dnavmo by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

    Dnavmo by Matt Pilcher video DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick is sure to surprise both you and your magician friends! A deck of cards is spread out on the table and then re-arranged

    With a snap of the magician's fingers, the deck is face up once more, and all the cards are completely in order, from Ace to King! It's a truly remarkable effect and your audience will be left in awe

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    A deck of cards is spread face up on the table, showing they are in no particular order. The cards are then dealt into a pile on the table, some being placed face up, some being placed face down. Following a SNAP of the fingers, the deck is spread face up once more, showing that all the cards are now facing the same way. Furthermore, the deck is now in suit and value order Ace to King.

    This is also great to show your magician friends, as they will be astonished by this new method!

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