Escape by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Escape by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Escape by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD

    In this ebook, mentalist Scott Creasey shares his experiences and methods for performing underwater handcuff escapes. He first performed this daring feat at the age of twelve and spent much of his early career practicing various escape techniques. The ebook provides detailed instructions, including choosing the right handcuffs and DIY modifications, as well as the original setup and variations for performing in a swimming pool. Creasey also discusses the psychology of lock picking and offers advice on audience management and safety precautions. Whether you want to perform the underwater escape or simply add some escapology to your stage act, this system is straightforward and effective.
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    The real work on the underwater handcuff escape.

    Known for his work in the field of mentalism, it may come as a surprise (unless you attended his first lecture tour), to know that Scott Creasey performed his first underwater handcuff escape in 1976 at just twelve years of age and that during the early part of his career he spent as much time hanging upside down wrapped in chains, tied in packing cases and struggling to escape from various types of handcuffs, as he did reading minds.

    In this ebook for the very first time, Scott explains the various methods he used for his underwater handcuff and chain escapes to gain publicity during those early days.

    The ebook includes full photographic instructions, including choosing the correct cuffs and simple DIY gaffing, the original setup, the high jump method, variations for the swimming pool, the psychology of lock picking, audience and padlock management, costume, the dangers involved and the built in safety aspects, the problem with insurance and the different weight systems used.

    Whether you intend to actually perform the underwater escape yourself or simply wish to add some escapology to your stage act, this system is straightforward and effective.

    Don't fancy the thought of drowning?

    No problem, you don't have to do it underwater. Over the years Scott has used this set up while locked in a mail bag, roped into a packing case, suspended by his ankles and once whilst wrapped and strapped in a wet blanket.

    • Introduction - How it all began
    • Effect - What the spectators see
    • Gaffing The Cuffs - DIY gimmicked handcuffs
    • Part 1 - The Original Escape - The original method which served me well
    • Part 2 - The High Jump - The final method which to end them all
    • Variations - Something for the swimming pool
    • Lock Picking - Why you shouldn't waste your time
    • The Psychology of Lock Picking - What I believe the audience should believe
    Pages: 37 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT