Extreme Dean 2 Dean Dill - video DOWNLOAD
    • Extreme Dean 2 Dean Dill - video DOWNLOAD

    Extreme Dean 2 Dean Dill - video DOWNLOAD

    Dean Dill, a renowned magician and teacher, has been impressively active in the past four years. With a career spanning two decades, Dean has captivated audiences with his exceptional coin magic skills. Not only is he a masterful close-up artist, but he is also highly sought after as a teacher, consultant, and lecturer. His expertise has been shared with notable individuals such as David Copperfield and Johnny Carson. Dean's repertoire includes a variety of captivating effects, such as "No Extra's," "Instant Assembly," and "Coins Thru Table." He also showcases his coin sleights, including the "Heel Clip," "Purse Palm," and "Thumb Palm." Additionally, Dean offers bonus content, such as his photo album, overhead view explanations, and a demonstration of his innovative Dean's Box.
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    No, you're not seeing double, Dean Dill has been extremely busy over the past four years! For two decades, Dean has been entertaining and teaching some of the finest coin magic around.
    Not only is he a superb close-up artist, Dean is also a highly sought after teacher, consultant and lecturer. He has taught such people as David Copperfield and Johnny Carson.

    Effects Include:

    • No Extra's
    • No Extra's Instant Assembly
    • Coins, Glass, & Silk
    • The Power of 3
    • 81 Cents
    • Translocated
    • Coins Thru Table
    • The Tonight Show Matrix

    Coin Sleights:

    • Heel Clip
    • Purse Palm
    • Finger Palm
    • Thumb Palm
    • Dill Displacement
    • Paul Harris Steal
    • Al Schneider Steal


    • Dean's Photo Album
    • Overhead view explanations
    • Dean's Box Demo

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