Hell Raiser by Arnel Renegado Video DOWNLOAD
    • Hell Raiser by Arnel Renegado Video DOWNLOAD

    Hell Raiser by Arnel Renegado Video DOWNLOAD

    HELLRAISER is a thrilling new effect created by Arnel Renegado that will leave your audience in awe. In this mind-blowing trick, a spectator chooses a card and signs it, adding a personal touch to the performance. The magician then takes control and draws a custom image on the back of the card. But here's where things get truly astonishing - the image mysteriously comes to life, moving and rising on its own, detaching itself from the card. This unexpected and magical moment will surely leave your spectators speechless.

    After the image has floated in the air, it gracefully descends back onto the card, as if guided by an invisible force.

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    HELLRAISER is a brand new effect from Arnel Renegado where a spectator selects a card and signs it. The magician then draws any image he wants on the back of that card. Suddenly, mysteriously, the image moves and rises by itself away from the card. The writing then floats back down and the card is given out for examination. *Immediately hand the card out for examination, any chosen card, easy to do and perform.

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