Here I Go Again - Volume 3 by Bill Malone video DOWNLOAD
    • Here I Go Again - Volume 3 by Bill Malone video DOWNLOAD

    Here I Go Again - Volume 3 by Bill Malone video DOWNLOAD

    L&L Publishing is featuring magician Bill Malone in his new video series "Here I Go Again!" Known as one of the funniest magicians in the world, Bill is highly respected in the magic community and remains one of the most sought-after performers in corporate entertainment. This series offers a mix of self-working effects and advanced sleight of hand, providing something for everyone. Bill shares his presentations, secrets, tips, and years of experience, including discussions on the business side of magic to help elevate your career. Get ready to be entertained and learn from the best as Bill says, "Here I go again!"In this video series, Bill showcases various tricks and routines. His friend Rich Purpura starts with a cut and restored rope trick that never restores.
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    L&L Publishing is proud to again present one of the funniest magicians on the planet, Bill Malone, in "Here I Go Again!" Bill needs no introduction to the magic world and is still one of the busiest magicians in corporate entertainment today!

    His first video set, "On the Loose," is regarded as one of the finest collections ever released. Once again, from the shuffled mind of Bill Malone, comes more of the most entertaining magic ever caught on video. With everything from self-working effects to advanced sleight of hand, this incredibly funny series offers something for everyone.

    Here he shares it all-the presentations, the secrets, the tips and touches that come from years of experience, plus discussions on business that will help bring your magic career to a different level! Sit back, relax and get ready to blast off! As Bill says: "Here I go again!"

    The Old Rope Trick! - Bill's friend, comedy magician Rich Purpura, shares one of his opening effects-a cut and restored rope that never restores.

    Those Scary Cannibal Cards! - Bill's incredibly entertaining "Cannibal Card" routine!

    Shipwrecked! - Bill's presentation of Daryl's now famous "Diamond Bar" routine!

    Ernie's Sex Test! - Ernie Spence, the number one bar magician in Chicago, gives us this hilarious routine. Bill performed this throughout his bar magic days.

    Which One's Missing? - An easy-to-do trick that packs a huge punch with adults and children.

    A Tribute to Johnny Carson! - Bill's "Cards To Pocket" routine.

    Hands-Off Memory Test! - A three-phase routine using the Aronson Stack!

    Come Back Jack! - Bill's prize-winning handling and presentation of the Homing Card plot!

    Bonus Tricks:

    Collins/Lewis Vanishing Aces! - A true classic, Michael Skinner-style.

    Bill's Tips

    Restaurant Magic- The Owner's Point of View!

    How Much Should You Charge

    Dealing with Meeting Planners
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