Hidden Eye by David Luu video DOWNLOAD
    • Hidden Eye by David Luu video DOWNLOAD

    Hidden Eye by David Luu video DOWNLOAD

    This mindreading trick is an absolute must-have for every mentalist! It's incredibly simple and requires no difficult skills and no expensive devices

    All you need is the video to learn how to do it and you could perform this amazing feat anytime, anywhere

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    A great mindreading effect -- a mentalist's dream COME TRUE!

    NO expensive devices.

    Perform anytime, anywhere.

    You place several objects on the table. You turn around or even blindfold yourself. Your spectator selects one object, holds it in their hand, places it back on the table, and mixes up the order of all the objects. Nevertheless, somehow you know the EXACT object they chose.
    • No peek
    • No complex gimmick
    • No skill required
    • Works 100% of the time
    • Download the video and learn how to perform this amazing feat of mentalism!
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