I know what you have got by Dan Alex eBook
    • I know what you have got by Dan Alex eBook

    I know what you have got by Dan Alex eBook

    A mentalist performs a trick where he presents a bag containing three crystals to a spectator. The mentalist explains that the spectator can mix the crystals and choose one without the mentalist looking. The spectator can either randomly select a crystal and put the remaining two back in the bag, or choose one voluntarily and do the same. The mentalist remains unaware of the spectator's choice. However, after the spectator has made their selection, the mentalist is able to accurately determine the color of the crystal in the spectator's hand.

    In this intriguing trick, the mentalist astounds the audience with their ability to discern the color of a crystal chosen by a spectator.

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    The mentalist takes out from his pocket a bag and says that inside there are three crystals. He explains to the spectator that he can mix them and pick one at random without looking, and put the remaining two in the bag, or choose of his own volition and then put the remaining two in the bag. This is all done with the mentalist looking away. Once the spectator has made his choice the mentalist will then tell the exact color of the crystal that the spectator has in his hand!

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