In and Out by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD
    • In and Out by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD

    In and Out by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD

    Impress and captivate your audience with a fresh take on a classic mentalism trick! With IN & OUT, you can astound them by accurately reading their personalities and revealing their inner thoughts in a truly mind-blowing manner. The best part? This incredible act fits right in your pocket, making it convenient and portable for any performance. No need for pre-show preparation, gimmicks, or stooges - it's always ready to go! Plus, when you download IN & OUT, you'll receive a special graphic design that allows you to easily print the necessary billets. And as a bonus, you'll leave your audience with a memorable souvenir that will ensure future bookings. Get ready to leave your spectators in awe!

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    Amaze your audience with a revised twist on a classic of mentalism! Give them a personality reading after revealing their thoughts in the most amazing way.

    All of this is IN & OUT, a small act in your pocket! No pre-show, no gimmicks, no stooge, always ready to go! Included in the download is a special graphic design that will allow you to print the necessary billets.

    Leave them with a souvenir that will guarantee you future bookings!