Johnny Thompson Commercial- 4 video DOWNLOAD
    • Johnny Thompson Commercial- 4 video DOWNLOAD

    Johnny Thompson Commercial- 4 video DOWNLOAD

    Lance Burton, a renowned magician, credits John Thompson as his most influential source of learning. Thompson's teachings are now available for others to benefit from. The material in these tapes consists of classic magic effects that have stood the test of time and performance, making them truly commercial. Thompson has successfully used these effects throughout his career, and many of the moves and routines were directly learned from the original authors. This collection encompasses the best close-up, parlor, walk-around, and stage magic ever developed, with contributions from a wide range of magic legends. From Allerton to Zarrow, with a significant presence of Vernon, these Commercial Classics are a treasure trove of magical knowledge.

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    "I have learned more from John Thompson than from any other source in the world. Now you, too, can learn from the master!"
    - Lance Burton

    "The material contained in these tapes is made up of classic effects which have stood the test of time and performance and therefore can truly be deemed commercial. They are effects that I've successfully used throughout my career and, in most instances, the moves, routines and handlings were garnered directly from the authors. It is, in my estimation, some of the best close-up, parlor, walk-around and stage magic that has ever been developed and the authors are a virtual Who's Who of magic that run the gamut from Allerton to Zarrow, wth a great deal of Vernon in between. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy learning and performing these wonderful Commercial Classics as much as I have."
    - Johnny Thompson

    Volume Four
    • Cups & Balls (Malini / Miller / Gayot / Bosco / Vernon / Daley) - Johnny performs and explains his entire routine.
    • Cutting The Aces (Dai Vernon) - The Professor's story-themed classic.
    • Color Changing Knife - Thompson's routine is simple, direct and concludes with an unexpected third color change.
    • Color Changing Deck (Henry Christ / Paul Curry) - A complete explanation of Paul Curry's commercial routine for the Christ classic.
    • In-Depth Interview With Michael Ammar - Michael Ammar conducts an in-depth interview with Johnny Thompson.
    • Plus Hear stories about Charlie Miller, Dai Vernon, Max Malini and nights at the Castle. Johnny shares his advice on how to be a good magician.

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