Joy Cash by Agustin video DOWNLOAD
    • Joy Cash by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    Joy Cash by Agustin video DOWNLOAD

    This magic trick is an amazing way to impress your audience! With a regular deck of cards, you can turn it into a money printer

    Have the spectator choose a card, place it in the middle of the deck, and push it slowly

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    Now you have ability to turn your deck of cards into a money printer.

    Let the spectator choose a card, then you place it the middle of deck. Push it slowly and let them watch their card morph into money!

    The best part is, you can immediately hand out the money for examination.

    There is no switch. It ends absolutely clean.

    You can use any deck, any bill. It's easy to make and fun to perform.

    Download the video and start learning.

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