Jumper by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD
    • Jumper by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD

    Jumper by Rama Yura video DOWNLOAD

    In this amazing magic trick, you can make a spectator's selected and signed card visually change into the top card of the deck

    Ask a volunteer to select and sign a card from the deck, then place it back in the deck

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    A mystifying change - one card visually turns into the spectator's card!

    Ask a spectator to select a card from the deck and sign it. You then place the signed card into the deck. Show the top card of the deck and the audience will see that it is not the selected card. Remove this top card. Turn the deck face up, but place the top card into the deck face down.

    When the deck is turned over, the face-up card visually and instantly changes into the spectator's signed card. This looks incredible and extremely magical!

    - Instant reset
    - No magnets
    - No threads
    - Easy to do
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