Linking Rings (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
    • Linking Rings (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    Linking Rings (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    In this volume, you'll find a collection of magical routines featuring the Linking Rings, a classic trick that has captivated audiences for centuries. This video showcases the talents of six modern masters, each with their own unique take on the Rings.First, Jeff McBride presents his mesmerizing 6-ring stage routine, showcasing his command over the Rings. Aldo Colombini follows with a charming interlude involving three rings and a length of rope. Dan Harlan takes a comedic approach, involving audience participation in his 8-ring Ringmaster routine.For those who appreciate a more traditional interpretation, Al Schneider offers a classicist routine with five rings.
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    In this volume, you'll discover the Linking Rings, one of magic's most enduring classics. For centuries, magicians have charmed, baffled and amused their audiences with the mysterious linking and unlinking of solid metal rings and on this video, you'll see some of the most magical routines ever created for this ancient trick from six modern masters, each with their own take on the Rings.

    Watch and learn Jeff McBride's amazing 6-ring stage routine, Aldo Colombini's charming interlude with three rings and a length of rope, Dan Harlan's comedic approach complete with audience participation, a classicist interpretation from Al Schneider, and Dan Fleshman's routine with small rings, perfect for close-up work. Finally, you'll see Dai Vernon's classic 6-ring routine, the Symphony of the Rings, performed and taught by the Professor himself, arguably the greatest Linking Ring routine ever created.

    6 Ring Commando Routine

    3 Ring Routine

    8 Ring Ringmaster Routine

    5 Ring Routine

    Close-Up Linking Rings

    Symphony of the Rings

    Running Time Approximately 1hr 56min

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