MacDonald's Aces (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
    • MacDonald's Aces (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    MacDonald's Aces (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    MacDonald's Aces is widely regarded as the strongest card trick in magic, and this volume offers seven incredible versions of the trick. Michael Ammar's rendition is easy to learn yet highly effective, while Johnny Thompson's version involves the spectators in a personal way. John Mendoza takes a classic approach, and Alexander deCova adds a simple yet astonishing four Ace production to his interpretation. Rising star John Guastaferro presents two versions, one with complete vanishes of the Aces and a strong presentation, and another perfect for larger audiences. Lastly, Martin Nash performs the trick with finesse, removing the Aces right from under a spectator's hand.

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    Seven versions of magic's strongest card trick... assembled just for you!
    There are many who would argue that the Ace assembly trick that has come to be known as MacDonald's Aces is the strongest card trick you can do for a layman. Though you may have a different opinion, you just may be tempted to change your mind after witnessing the six world-class performances on this volume.

    Leading off, Michael Ammar presents an easy-to-master, yet extremely effective, version of MacDonald's Aces while Johnny Thompson offers a take that intimately involves the spectators. John Mendoza is next with the approach of a classicist while Alexander deCova embellishes his interpretation with an amazing - and amazingly simple - four Ace production. Rising card star John Guastaferro offers up two versions. The first features complete vanishes of the Aces rather than a transposition and also supplies a strong presentational hook while the second is the perfect solution for performing this extremely strong card effect for a much larger audience. Lastly, Martin Nash dons his "Charming Cheat" persona and removes the Aces one at a time right from under a spectator's hand.

    Once again, MacDonald's Aces is one of card magic's rare feats - a genuine jaw-dropping miracle - and on this volume, you'll find seven of the finest treatises ever created.

    MacDonald's Aces - Michael Ammar
    Automatic Aces - Johnny Thompson
    MacDonald's Four Aces - John Mendoza
    MacDonald's Aces - Alexander deCova
    Famous Aces - John Guastaferro
    Vino Aces - John Guastaferro 10,000
    Dollar Ace Routine - Martin Nash

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