Magic Wand by Armanujjaman Abir video DOWNLOAD
    • Magic Wand by Armanujjaman Abir video DOWNLOAD

    Magic Wand by Armanujjaman Abir video DOWNLOAD

    Discover the amazing Magic Wand color changing trick and make your audience gasp!

    This incredible effect can easily transform a blue-backed card, paper or dollar bill in front of your audience's eyes.

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    Magic Wand by Armanujjaman Abir video DOWNLOAD

    If you are looking for an extreme visual color changing magic to show, that can change anything like a card, a paper or a dollar bill then this is your best choice.

    Suppose, you have a card which back is blue, you show the card to the spectator and wave your pen over the card and the card will change its color slowly and visually by the time of waving. You can also do it with the card face, papers, and also with dollars. In every effect you are using your pen as your Magic Wand to change the color, and that's how the name of this color change is Magic Wand.

    Effects you can do:
    • Card back color change
    • Card face color change
    • Paper to dollar
    • Dollar to another dollar, example: 20$ changes to 100$
    • Color changing routines
    • Card routines etc.
    Nowadays social media magic platform is being increasing, everyone is doing online magic shows, zoom magic, Insta-magic, facebook live magic, common room live magic and so on. And visual magics are the best things to do in those platforms. So, I was thinking about to create an extreme visual color changing magic that can be easily done in social medial and also in practical in some cases. And I have come up with this one. Hope every magician who likes visual effects and likes to blow up spectators' mind with visual color changes, they will love Magic Wand as their best tool.

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