Malone Meets Marlo 1 by Bill Malone video DOWNLOAD
    • Malone Meets Marlo 1 by Bill Malone video DOWNLOAD

    Malone Meets Marlo 1 by Bill Malone video DOWNLOAD

    Welcome to the world of card magic with Ed Marlo and Bill Malone! In this anthology, Bill showcases some of Marlo's best card tricks, compiled from Ed's writings and their personal sessions. With step-by-step guidance, Bill takes you through a collection of Marlo's material that is sure to impress. From classic routines like the Bluff Ace Assembly to mind-boggling tricks like A Devilish Miracle, this anthology has something for everyone. Even magicians will be fooled by the instant sandwich trick and the Collectors effect. Prepare to be amazed as cards change, travel invisibly, and rearrange themselves right before your eyes. This project is a testament to Marlo's genius and is sure to excite both beginners and experienced magicians alike.
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    Welcome to the wonderful card magic of Ed Marlo!

    Ed Marlo, the genius of construction, and the incomparable Bill Malone, the brilliant performer, come together in this landmark anthology, as Bill performs and explains some of Marlo's finest contributions to card magic, compiled by Bill from Ed's writings and their personal sessions!

    Join Bill as he guides you step by step through what will undoubtedly become the greatest and best collection of Marlo material...ever. "I'm very excited about this project and I'm sure Ed would have been as well!"
    - Muriel Marlo


    Bluff Ace Assembly - A true classic! The Aces assemble from various packets in a leader packet even when covered by a spectator's hand!

    The Homing Card - No matter hard the performer tries, he just can't seem to throw away the one odd card stopping him from doing the trick!

    Repeater Card to Pocket - The spectator's card travels invisibly to your pocket...three times!

    A Simple Ace Routine! - Four Aces are lost in a shuffled deck and found in an impossible way! A fun effect anyone can do!

    Have another Sandwich / Bluff Sandwich - A visual card transposition performed right before their eyes! Plus: An instant sandwich that will fool even magicians!

    One Hand Ace Cutting (with double surprise) / Aces over Kings - Bill's combination of two wonderful Marlo ideas!

    Collectors / Collect Double - Three selections INSTANTLY appear between the four Kings! Learn two methods for this astounding effect!

    A Startling Climax - Using super-sensitive fingertips and a little magic, a spectator's card changes to another spectator's card without leaving your sight! You won't believe it!

    A Devilish Miracle - One of Marlo's all-time favorite creations!

    Bluff Call to Colors - The cards rearrange themselves every time you deal! Marlo's method of Bill Simon's Call to Colors!


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