Master Card Technique Volume 1 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD
    • Master Card Technique Volume 1 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    Master Card Technique Volume 1 (World's Greatest Magic) video DOWNLOAD

    In a letter from 1872, magician Johann Hofzinser described card effects as the poetry of conjuring. Playing cards have been a staple tool for magicians throughout history, and proper technique is crucial for successful card tricks. In a three-volume series, experts Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller delve into the important concepts of card table artifice and legerdemain, providing detailed explanations and demonstrations. The series offers a comprehensive reference tool for card magic, with tight camera work and various angles to enhance the learning experience. This is an opportunity to learn or refine sleights, moves, and concepts in card magic. The first part of the series covers false deals, including the strike second, stud deal, and second deal techniques.
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    In a letter from 1872, Johann Hofzinser wrote, "Card effects are the poetry of conjuring" and long before Hofzinser penned those words and ever since, magicians have been displaying the many wonders inherent in a simple pack of playing cards. There is, perhaps, no tool at a magician's disposal that is more widely used.

    Needless to say, proper technique is the foundation for solid, deceptive card work and on this landmark three-volume series, experts Sepp Holzer and Andy Edmüller have taken the most important concepts in card table artifice and legerdemain and have explained and demonstrated each in excruciating detail. Tight camera work, over-the-shoulder shots and even an angle shot from below through a glass tabletop all work together to make this series one of the most comprehensive card magic reference tools ever committed to video. This is your opportunity to learn (or re-learn!) these concepts, sleights and moves the right way.



    - The Strike Second #1
    - The Stud Deal #1
    - The Strike Second #2
    - The Strike Second #3
    - Push Off Second Deal
    - The Stud Deal (Push Off) #2
    - Dai Vernon's Second Deal
    - The D'Amico Second Deal
    - The Third Deal
    - The Stud Deal #3
    - Palm Replacements

    - The Two-Handed Top Palm
    - The Clip Palm
    - The Direct Palm
    - The Hugard Palm
    - The One-Handed Top Palm
    - The Bottom Palm
    - The Gambler's Cop


    - The Elmsley Count
    - The Jordan Count
    - The Buckle Count
    - The Hamman Count
    - An Easy False Count
    - Willane's False Count
    - The Push-Off False Count
    - The Braue Fan False Count
    - The Ascanio Spread

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