Memory Magic for Magician's, Mentalists & Psychic Entertainers - Develop A Super Memory & Master Maths Magic. By Jonathan Royle
    • Memory Magic for Magician's, Mentalists & Psychic Entertainers - Develop A Super Memory & Master Maths Magic. By Jonathan Royle

    Memory Magic for Magician's, Mentalists & Psychic Entertainers - Develop A Super Memory & Master Maths Magic. By Jonathan Royle

    Are you interested in developing super power techniques for memory and math magic? This home study course offers a unique and exclusive set of videos and manuals that will teach you the secrets of memory success. After completing this course, you will never forget anything again and will be able to easily remember names, personal details, and important information. You will also learn speed reading techniques that will allow you to learn anything in half the time and remember it forever. These techniques can be applied to various areas of your life, from sales to entertainment. Additionally, you will learn math magic tricks and memory feats that will amaze your friends and audiences. This course is a true bargain at just $77.00.

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    How To Develop Super Power Techniques For Memory & Maths Magic.

    Discover The Amazingly Simple Techniques To Turn You Into A True Super Power Techniques For Memory Expert To Amaze, Entertain & Even Earn Big Bucks

    Plus, Learn The Professional Secrets Of Speed Reading Which Will Enable You To Learn Anything In Half The Time & Remember It Forever.

    Congratulations on taking this first step to improving your personal and business life for the better beyond your wildest dreams...

    This brand new home study Techniques For Memory Improvement Course comprises 4 videos and a bumper information packed manuals set which are totally unique, exclusive to us and unlike anything else available on the market today.

    Using the latest accelerated learning methods Dr. Jonathan Royle and his colleague Rachel Houghton will teach you in a simple step by step manner their tried, tested and proven to work secrets of memory success.

    After studying the videos and training manuals supplied with this explosive training package you need never forget anything ever again and will find that you will easily be able to:

    Remember with ease the name and personal details of every person you ever meet, an invaluable skill for sales people and anyone working with the public

    Instantly store telephone numbers, addresses and other important information into your mind without the need to write them down and gain the confidence to know you can now recall them whenever you need to. Its just like becoming a walking telephone directory

    Never forget or miss another appointment, anniversary, birthday, meeting or other important event ever again, simply use these techniques to become your own personal diary and organiser

    Use the Speed Reading techniques to enable you to read twice as many books in less time than normal and more importantly enable you to retain the contents and recall the information you have learnt whenever you require

    Remember shopping lists, "to do" lists and important work schedules with ease, in fact discover how to use these methods to remember anything which in the past you may have felt the need to write down

    Learn how to remember Jokes, Songs, Scripts, Sales Presentations, Wedding Speeches and other detailed information in an amazingly simple and pleasurable manner. These are invaluable skills for any Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Singer, Business Person and in fact any human being on the planet who desires to get more done in less time, with greater ease and accuracy and in a way that makes you feel confident and competent in all you do

    You'll discover how to use these memory techniques to learn to play the Piano in half the usual time and how to teach others to do this even if you have no musical skill or aptitude yourself.

    We'll explain how to use the methods to rapidly learn any foreign language with the greatest of ease enabling you to save a fortune on expensive language courses and dramatically reduce the time it takes to learn into the bargain.

    In fact numerous Techniques For Memory Systems to suit every individual such as yourself and every memory need possible are taught in this course including amongst many others the The Alphabet, Rhyming, Conventional Link, Peg & Journey Systems.

    You'll learn methods which can even give you the upper hand in Card Games such as Poker, Black Jack and Pontoon amongst others.

    In fact, in truth, the tried, tested and proven to work approaches you will learn are of invaluable use in each and every area of your everyday personal and working life!

    Jealously guarded memory secrets such as The Lazy Mans Way to remember the order of a complete deck of playing cards to amaze your friends

    You'll learn numerous Maths Magic Tricks enabling you to calculate square roots & cube roots in your head quicker than most people can do them on a calculator

    You'll be able to square numbers and cube numbers in your head in seconds and even do several other "super human" looking lightning calculation feats quicker than most other people

    You'll be able to tell anybody what the day of the week was for any date in history or for any date in the future by mentally calculating it quicker than they can check on a calendar

    You'll learn some amazing mind blowing "Rapid Calculation" and memory feats using an ordinary every day calendar which will truly establish your credentials as a memory expert

    Learn how to verbally recite or write down the alphabet backwards quicker than most people are able to do it forwards!

    Amaze your friends and audiences as you mentally calculate and write down within seconds, a four by four Magic Square whereby the numbers in the four by four grid add up to any number freely chosen by a volunteer in over 24+ different directions and ways - THIS IS A TRUE REPUTATION MAKER

    Also discover how to calculate (within seconds) and write out (within seconds) a five by five Magic Square whereby all directions add up to any number freely chosen by a volunteer


    The "Knight's Tour" is an ancient chess puzzle in which the object is to move a knight, starting from any square on a chessboard, to every other square, landing on each square only once, making only legal moves and ending up back at the original square where you started. A legal move for the knight is shaped like an L. Up or down two squares and over one square. We teach you how to do this every time starting from any square freely chosen by an audience member and always AMAZING your audiences as you end up back where you started without ever landing on the same square twice, indeed this demonstration is so POWERFUL and such a good REPUTATION MAKER that we have included several methods and ideas for its usage.

    We reveal ways to apparently remember the contents of an entire book or magazine in seconds and then prove that you have done this to your audience thus creating huge applause for your expert memory.

    Also you'll learn the easiest way to remember a list of thirty (30) random objects called out by the audience whereby you are able to remember the whole list in seconds and then recall them from start to finish with ease.

    What's more, you then further amaze the audience by calling the list out backwards, then just calling out all the odd numbered objects or even numbered objects forwards or backwards, the audience can even call out any number on the list and you instantly recall what object is there or they can call out an object and you instantly tell them what number its at. THIS FEAT ALONE HAS MADE MANY MEMORY EXPERTS WORD FAMOUS and best of all its far, far easier to do than you would imagine!

    Also as a Special FREE BONUS you'll get the written course notes revealing Royle's simple memory methods enabling you to learn how to remember the meanings of the 78 Tarot Cards, how to remember the fortune telling meanings of the 52 playing cards, memory system for simple Numerology Readings and for Palmistry and the easy way to look like an Astrology expert.

    Please note however, these particular methods are taught in print only, for the video training of this you will want to buy our "Psychic Secrets Exposed" Home Study Training Course. These notes however are enough to start earning BIG MONEY with these new skills.

    So between the various videos and the course manuals you will learn everything you need to know to perform a complete entertaining Stage Show of Expert Memory Demonstrations which could earn you a fortune!

    You can get this SUPER POWER MEMORY SET right this very minute!


    Not only will you learn everything mentioned above and so many more valuable secrets, ploys, methods and techniques that there is neither space or time to mention here, but also you'll get "Duplication and Resale Rights" to our unique MEMORY TRAINING SEMINAR COURSE NOTES & TRAINING MANUAL.

    This allows you to duplicate in printed hard copy form only the course notes supplied and allows you to either sell or give these to those who attend the Memory Training Seminars which you could start running yourself after you have studied this unique course.

    We'll even teach you how to generate more clients for your other services as a NLP'er, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnosis Consultant.

    Whether it's for business, personal, entertainment or seduction purposes YOU WILL BENEFIT GREATLY from studying these information packed videos and the accompanying training manuals.

    A True Bargain At Just: $77.00