M.O.Ink 2 by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD
    • M.O.Ink 2 by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

    M.O.Ink 2 by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD

    Ink Magic by Sultan Orazaly is an easy to perform, highly visual magic trick

    By using a simple gimmick, the audience can watch in astonishment as ink seemingly vanishes from the magician's hand

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    Ink magic is one of the most beautiful effects. Sultan Orazaly presents the best and most magical way for ink to disappear.

    1. Easy to make gimmick
    2. Ease of execution
    3. At the end of the trick, your hands are completely clean
    4. This trick can be presented LIVE - no camera tricks

    "Simple and visual!"
    - Mickael Chatelain

    "The vanish from the hand is truly amazing!"
    - Joe Rindfleisch

    "It's ultra f#cking visual!!!"
    - Rizki Nanda

    Credits: Abdullah Mahmoud, and Shin Lim

    Download this video and amaze your audience!
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