Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Set (Vol 1 thru 3) Tom Mullica video DOWNLOAD
    • Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Set (Vol 1 thru 3) Tom Mullica video DOWNLOAD

    Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Set (Vol 1 thru 3) Tom Mullica video DOWNLOAD

    Volume 1 of this magic series includes a variety of impressive effects such as Perpetual Balls, The Cookie Mystery, and Waters of India. It also features tricks like Stretching a Hank, Ring, Rope, & Pin, and The Bouncing Fruit. Additionally, it teaches you how to perform The Spirit Hand, Ashes Thru Hand, and Karrel Fox's Napkin Vanish. Other tricks covered in this volume include Calendar Caper, Wrigley Feel, A sweet prediction, Broken & Restored Match, The Book Test, Pencil Thru Bill, Ultra Sensory Perception, One-Handed Knot, and Silk Thru Arm.Volume 2 of this magic series offers a range of captivating effects such as Blown Away, Pencil Thru Hank, and The Mouse. It also includes tricks like The Indian Bean Mystery, Breaking Off a Button, and Paperballs Overhead.
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    Volume 1
    Effects included:
    - Perpetual Balls
    - The Cookie Mystery
    - Waters of India
    - Stretching a Hank
    - Ring, Rope, & Pin
    - The Bouncing Fruit
    - The Spirit Hand
    - Ashes Thru Hand
    - Karrel Fox's Napkin Vanish
    - Calendar Caper
    - Wrigley Feel
    - A sweet prediction
    - Broken & Restored Match
    - The Book Test
    - Pencil Thru Bill
    - Ultra Sensory Perception
    - One-Handed Knot (without releasing the ends)
    - Silk Thru Arm

    Volume 2
    Effects Included:
  • Blown Away
  • Pencil Thru Hank
  • The Mouse
  • The Indian Bean Mystery
  • Breaking Off a Button
  • Paperballs Overhead
  • Silk Production
  • Cork Transfer
  • Torn and Restored Bill
  • The Donut Mystery
  • Wand Transfer
  • Torn and Restored Cig Paper
  • Linking Paper Clips
  • A Card Force
  • Double X
  • Safari Cards
  • Mental Nine
  • Cut N' Restored Hank
  • Match Mystery
  • Travelling Match #1
  • Penetrating Match
  • Burned and Restored Napkin
  • Weighing the Matches

  • Volume 3
    Effects Included:
    - Piano Matches
    - Vanishing Comb
    - Mind Reading
    - Double Drawer Matches
    - Dropped Box Matches
    - Broken and Restored Band
    - Two-Match Transfer
    - Bill to Matches
    - Chink-a-Chink
    - The Bill Roll
    - The Burned Bill
    - The Hell Tear
    - The Crying Quarter
    - Collar Coin Vanish
    - Vanishing Penny
    - Stern Paper Fold
    - Coin Thru Pants
    - Pencil Coin Vanish
    - Travelling Match #2
    - Cellophane Surprise
    - Coin Thru Hand
    - Swallowing a Knife
    - Stretching the Arm
    - Removable Finger
    - Removable Thumb
    - T.V. Coin Production
    - Glass Thru Table
    - Smoke Cocktail
    - Paul Harris' Fizz Master

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