Neo Sandwich by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD
    • Neo Sandwich by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Neo Sandwich by SaysevenT video DOWNLOAD

    Neo Sandwich is a great card sandwich effect that will wow your audience

    It uses an incredibly clever method that will keep your audience guessing, and with just one deck of cards, you can perform it anywhere

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    Most magicians like to perform card sandwich effects. This is my favorite sandwich routine - it's called Neo Sandwich.

    It utilizes a brand new and very clever method that you'll love! And, audiences are amazed!

    Points of interest:
    • It's impromptu.
    • MEDIUM skill requirement [intermediate to advanced].
    • Uses only 1 deck of cards.
    • Detailed, 15-minute explanation
    • Non-verbal explanation
    Download the video and learn it now.

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