Number 5 by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Number 5 by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Number 5 by Scott Creasey - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Number 5 is a versatile routine that combines magic, psychic intuition, and personal readings. It can be performed in various settings, from close-up to stage, using just a flip chart and a marker pen. The routine includes ideas for multiple readings and a Q&A variation, adding to its flexibility. It offers a simple yet impressive Numerology-based Mind Body and Spirit reading, followed by a correctly predicted Tarot key card. The routine leaves the audience with a memento that includes the performer's contact details. Reviewed by Dan Dent, it is described as a fantastic routine with a powerful climax that appears genuine. It requires no reset and can be performed with just a couple of business cards and a pen.

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    Number 5 is the culmination of many years spent searching for a simple to remember, impromptu routine which delivers not only an impossible magical/psychic climax, but also a personal reading which people will remember and talk about.

    This routine isn't restricted to close up use. Scott has performed it many times on stage, in cabaret and in a lecture environment using nothing more than a flip chart and a marker pen.

    Versatility is something Scott tries to build into every routine he uses as part of his professional repertoire and this routine is no exception, with ideas for multiple readings and a Q & A variation included.

    If you would like to deliver a simple to remember but impressive Numerology based Mind Body and Spirit reading then a past present and future reading, followed up with a correctly predicted Tarot key card and leave your audience with a memento that includes all your contact details, then Number 5 could be what you are looking for.

    Reviewed by Dan Dent
    Quite simply, this is a fantastic routine. The combination of 3 different oracle systems and the climatic 'magic' ending (actually this is made doubly more hard hitting by the fact that it appears to be a very genuine display of the performer's psychic intuition and not some incongruous bit of magical 'ta-da' stuck on the end) make for a very powerful routine. It's completely impromptu, using only a couple of business cards (yours or borrowed) and a pen, and perfect for many performing environments, requiring no reset (in fact, there is no set up involved at all). Though Scott does give a few keywords for the Numerology numbers and Tarot Major Arcana used in the routine, having a good working knowledge of these oracles (and/ or Cold Reading) really helps bring it to life.

    Very highly recommended and worth far more than the small asking price.

    Reviewed by David Lees
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to be very honest here. I genuinely think that this is brilliant. I love it, and if you do not mind I will most certainly use it. To be honest, in my opinion it is the best thing I have read in years. This is so up my street that it is unbelievable.

    Pages: 14 - 8.25" x 11.7" - PDF FORMAT
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