• OBSCURE MARLO by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    OBSCURE MARLO by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

    Ed Marlo was a magician who kept his finest secrets to himself for decades

    But when he was close to death, he revealed these amazing gems to the world! This eBook contains six effects from Marlo's personal repertoire that he would use to fool his world class magician buddies

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    Six Monster Card effects that will fry ALL magicians... and with a borrowed deck! Fool the "boys" at your next meeting!

    Ed Marlo kept his finest secrets "close to the vest" for decades... the enclosed effects and sleights are secrets from Marlo's personal repertoire that he would use to fool his world class magician buddies! Only when Marlo was close to death, did he reveal these amazing gems! And only a regular deck is used... these effects are TRUE magician-foolers!

    Marvel at Marlo's genius!

    1) A Trick With No Name - Marlo "fried" a roomful of the finest card magicians in the world with this! A card in a packet and its location are only thought of by the spectator. That very card then transports to the other packet at the SAME LOCATION! Sid Lorraine begged Marlo to NOT share this secret with the magic world... he didn't - for 27 years!

    2) The same secret as above is used for a beautiful Ace assembly!

    3) Paul provides another Assembly, again using the same sleight, to make the four Aces at the leader position, change into the four Kings! Then one of those Kings is laid on the table...and it changes to the Ace of Spades! Each of the top cards of the other three piles is turned up to show the other three Aces! The four Kings have vanished!

    4) Poker Supreme - Marlo loved to use this routine on magicians! It is very easy to do, and there is only ONE (very easy!) sleight involved! The Spectator picks his own hand as the performer explains how this Poker deal works and then ends with a Royal Flush in Spades!

    5) Without a Key Card - This self-working trick is so amazing that no one will have any idea how it works. Marlo used it as an ESP effect! There is absolutely no "fishing" - and the method is BRILLIANT!

    6) Marlo's 21 Card Trick - Show people your version of the old 21 card trick! Take them on a fantastic journey that seems utterly impossible! Very easy to do... and lots of fun to perform! This routine is amazing!


    Paul also provides a chapter called "Space, Time, and Love" which is a collection of concepts, facts, and quotes that you can use in your routines. Make your magic and patter, pertinent, enthralling...and even thrilling to your spectators!

    Download the eBook and enjoy the journey!