Openers & Closers 3 by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD
    • Openers & Closers 3 by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    Openers & Closers 3 by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick ebook series, Openers & Closers, is selling like hotcakes! The third and final installment of this series is the best yet! It includes the easiest-to-perform "magician-foolers" and ESP effects ever! It also includes many photos and videos, so you can get the full effect

    There are seven tricks in total, each one guaranteed to blow your audience away! From the 21 Card ESP Trick, which will fool all magicians, to the Quickie Triumph, which is the easiest Triumph ever, these tricks will bring you to the top of your game! With detailed instructions, photos, and videos...

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    This series of Openers & Closers (#1 and #2) have been selling like wildfire! Openers & Closers 1 sat at #1... and NOW, Openers & Closers 2 is #1 on the Hot List!

    NOW... Openers & Closers 3 is the last eBook in this series... and probably the best one! The easiest-to-perform "magician-foolers" and ESP effects ever! What an arsenal!

    There are many photos and videos included!

    Openers & Closers are so crucial to every magician's repertoire, that they, literally, dictate how your audiences will perceive you as an entertainer.

    1) The 21 Card ESP Trick: This effect WILL FOOL ALL MAGICIANS... guaranteed! It begins with a clever Marlo principle that Paul has taken to the top level! The spectator shuffles and deals out the 21 cards... FACE DOWN, and yet the performer knows WHERE and WHAT the card is! How is this possible?! Very, very clever... and will fool EVERYONE... and it's SO VERY EASY TO DO... and the patter is hilarious!

    2) Above & Beyond: Another magician-fooler! This easy-to do trick combines three classics of magic - Further Than That, Lie Detector, and a "Spelling Bee" and takes everyone on a fun adventure! The patter is so cleverly constructed and so funny that your spectators will die laughing! This effect is one of the finest closers you could ever ask for!

    3) VOODOO Reversal of Fortune: In "Openers & Closers 2" Paul presents his "The Not So Invisible Deck" routine solving the inherent problems of The Invisible Deck... without using it! This routine DOES use the Invisible Deck... however this is Paul's own routine that is so clever... even magicians won't realize that you are using an Invisible Deck! Oh, GUESS WHAT?! You do NOT have to know what the card is before the deck is removed from the case? VERY, VERY CLEVER...and so easy to do! This is a WINNER!

    4) Reading A Thought: This ESP routine utilizes one of the cleverest magical utility items ever created! This is as close to reading someone's mind as you'll ever get! Paul provides some very clever ideas and nuances to make this appear to be REAL mind-reading! YOU WILL USE this effect! A truly professional effect that will get you many bookings!

    5) Invisible Thread Ideas: James George created a "new world of magic" with his amazing Invisible Thread and ITRs! This is a 5-page essay on how to use Invisible Thread, including many tricks that you will use! Also, how to prepare for bad conditions, different lights, angles, the different types and ages of spectators, and also what to look for, how to prepare for it, and what is your best bet for Invisible Thread usage! USE YOUR THREAD!

    6) See-Through Change Bag: Make your own See-Through Change Bag in 5 minutes for almost nothing! This easy-to make design is CLEVER! Paul provides a beautiful ESP effect with this bag and provides many ideas for you to create many other effects! Use it from close-up to stage!

    7) Quickie Triumph: The magician explains how he always drops his cards while practicing and the cards are scooped up in a big face-up/face-down mess... and then he turns the cards just one time... and they're all facing the same way - well, except for the selection! It is completely impromptu and you can use a borrowed deck! The EASIEST TRIUMPH... EVER!

    Download this eBook and learn from Paul!