Parabox by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD
    • Parabox by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

    Parabox by Chris Annable video DOWNLOAD

    This amazing magic trick combines numerous illusions into one show-stopping experience! Watch in amazement as a card vanishes and reappears in the card box, flip the script to reveal the box is now empty and the card is back in the deck

    For the climax, a prediction card is heard in the box during a mentalism routine

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    Imagine the following:

    A card vanishes from the deck and reappears in the card box.

    A selection is placed in the box, only to have the entire scenario instantly reversed. The box is empty and that same card is now back in the deck.

    A prediction card can be seen and heard in the box during an entire mentalism routine.

    ...And for all of these effects, the card is randomly chosen and can be signed.

    Included in this high definition download are detailed instructions on how to set it up, how to execute the core effects and a full, 3-phase routine called "Parabox Rewind."

    The card tuck box remains unaltered, and the cleanup and reset of the trick is fast and simple.

    You'll love performing it, and your audience will be astounded!

    Download the video and start learning now.
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