Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian video DOWNLOAD
    • Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian video DOWNLOAD

    Pop Fly by Bizau Cristian video DOWNLOAD

    Bizau Cristian, a young magician from Romania, has created a stunning new card sleight called POP FLY. This incredible trick allows a selected card to fly out of the deck without any obvious throwing action. The sleight is available for download right now and is brought to you exclusively by Vanishing Inc. in collaboration with Blue Crown. The mechanics of POP FLY are easy to learn and can be performed with a borrowed and shuffled deck, without the need for any threads. This versatile revelation is a must-have for any magician looking to add a visually impressive trick to their repertoire.

    With POP FLY, you can make one or even two cards fly out of the deck as you gently dribble the cards onto the table. The effect is truly mesmerizing and will leave your audience in awe.

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    Bizau Cristian is a young magician from Romania with a spectacular new card sleight that causes a selection to fly out of the pack without any apparent throwing action. It's called POP FLY, and this ridiculously cool-looking sleight is available right now!

    Vanishing Inc. has collaborated with Blue Crown to bring you this EXCLUSIVE download for POP FLY. Watch the video and you'll understand exactly what this versatile revelation does: cause any card (or two, or a double) to fly from the pack as you dribble the cards gently to the table. The mechanics are not hard to master, and it can be done with a borrowed, shuffled pack--no threads. POP FLY is the kind of sleight you can incorporate into your repertoire immediately.