Psych Out Mentalist Tricks by Marc Oberon - eBook DOWNLOAD
    • Psych Out Mentalist Tricks by Marc Oberon - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Psych Out Mentalist Tricks by Marc Oberon - eBook DOWNLOAD

    Pure Mind Manipulation is a brand new item that allows you to manipulate colors, places, names, and landmarks using psychological forces. It includes versatile props and ideas that can be incorporated into various mentalist routines, helping you enhance your skills in this area. Psych Out, the accompanying e-booklet, provides detailed descriptions of six well-thought-out routines using a special whiteboard.

    Included in this package is a 20-page e-booklet that contains the six routines, giving you plenty of material to work with. Whether you're a professional mentalist or just starting out, this item offers a unique and effective way to captivate your audience and showcase your mind manipulation abilities. Get ready to impress with Pure Mind Manipulation!

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    Pure Mind Manipulation - force colors, places, names, landmarks...

    This brand new item features a technique for a cast-iron out for psychological forces. The supplied props and ideas are incredibly versatile and could be worked into many mentalist routines using psychological forces enabling you to develop your skills in this area.

    Psych Out contains no fewer than 6 well-thought-out routines for the mentalist. Each effect uses a special whiteboard and is described in full detail in the 20-page e-booklet.

    You will receive:
    • 20-page e-booklet containing 6 routines