Pure Magic Vol 3 by Fernando Keops video DOWNLOAD
    • Pure Magic Vol 3 by Fernando Keops video DOWNLOAD

    Pure Magic Vol 3 by Fernando Keops video DOWNLOAD

    Fernando Keops is a magician whose performances are described as elegant, poetic, and astonishing. In this video, he showcases his artistry and captivates even seasoned magicians with his miracles. After the show, Fernando reveals the secrets behind his tricks. Some of the tricks featured include Chink a Chink with Dice, Mambo Aces, Presto Switch, Coins Across, Disappearing Coins, Spin Move, Ambitious Card Applications, Color Change with Spin Move, Three Ball Transposition, Super Portable Hole, and Mini 20th Century. As a special bonus, the video also includes performances of Ball and Vase, Benzais Spin, Impossible Sandwich, and Marlo's Pet Effect. Get ready to be amazed and learn the secrets behind Fernando Keops' magic.
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    Elegant, poetic and astonishing. These are all words that describe the magic of Fernando Keops. On this video, Fernando Keops' focus is on magic-but, as you'll soon see, it's magic created by an artist and that speaks to the soul. Even seasoned magicians will gasp at many of the miracles presented here. Then, after the show is over, Fernando will show you how all of it is done.


    • Chink a Chink with Dice
    • Mambo Aces
    • Presto Switch
    • Coins Across
    • Disappearing Coins
    • Spin Move
    • Ambitious Card Applications
    • Color Change with Spin Move
    • Three Ball Transposition
    • Super Portable Hole
    • Mini 20th Century

    Special Bonus (performance only):

    • Ball and Vase
    • Benzais Spin
    • Impossible Sandwich
    • Marlo's Pet Effect
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