Quicksand by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD
    • Quicksand by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD

    Quicksand by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD

    Ver 1: In this trick, a coin mysteriously disappears from a card box held by a spectator and reappears on top of their chosen signed card. What makes it even more impressive is that the cards are nowhere near the box when the coin vanishes.

    Ver 2: This trick involves a signed borrowed coin that visually melts through the top of a deck of cards right before the spectator's eyes. The coin then sinks halfway through the other cards and lands on their chosen signed card, which the spectator themselves cut to. It's a mind-boggling illusion that will leave your audience amazed.

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    Ver 1 :: Have a coin audibly vanish from the card box that the spectator is holding onto and have the coin appear on top of there chosen signed card. The cards are know where near the box when it vanishes! Ver 2 :: Visually have a signed borrowed coin, melt through the top of deck right before there eyes, to have it sink half way through the other cards and land on there chosen signed card... that the spectator cut to!

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